Turtle Seashore Stealth 600 Overview: Good Sound; Awkward Design And Style

Turtle Seashore Stealth 600 Overview: Good Sound; Awkward Design And Style

The Turtle seashore Stealth 600 is one of the less expensive name-brand wireless earphones, but big noises does not fully excuse its embarrassing concept.

By Marshall Honorof 29 December 2017

The Verdict

The Turtle coastline Stealth 600 is just one of the more cost-effective name-brand wireless earphones, but good sounds doesn’t entirely excuse their embarrassing layout.

  • Outstanding playing and sounds audio
  • Plush head servings
  • Effortless cordless connections


  • Awkward match
  • Lackluster mic design
  • Minimal Personal Computer being completely compatible

Turtle coastline had been the standard for video gaming headsets, processing competition away with an original combination of ease, looks and sound quality. They failed to require much time for competitiveness for a good idea, though, and Turtle seaside has a single good headset supplier in a veritable ocean of more very good bluetooth headset makers.

Enter in the Turtle seashore Stealth 600 ($100), an invisible headset for your PS4 or ps3 the one that appears excellent and isn’t going to price in excess. A name-brand wireless wireless headset for one hundred dollars may sound like a superb package. But an awkward mic, a lack of versatility and a truly unpleasant suit make the Stealth 600 a advertising.

Turtle seashore made many compromises employing the Stealth 600, but those compromises achieved help to make they among least expensive cordless games headsets all around. Examine what you can do properly.


The Stealth 600 seems to be like a relic associated with the just-about-bygone “extreme” gaming time, with razor-sharp perspectives bisecting the over-ear cups and either bright-green or dark-blue stresses, contingent whether you get the PS4 or Xbox variant.

Of particular observe certainly is the development microphone, which folds all the way up down, parallel with the ear cup. Its a fascinating halfway choice, neither as stylish as a mic that folds into an ear pot nor as jarring as a mic that simply folds up.

The ear canal servings bring only a little swivel for them, which will help these people healthy comfortably, and they fold up right up for convenience. Although the foam padding regarding the headband is actually plush and includes some make, the extendable notches really feel affordable and finicky, hence obtaining suitable requires some experience.

The placed ear glass may pretty packed, because it is where you can find the levels switch and chat-volume control, that literally near 1. If you believe this appears to be a confusing setup, you’re proper. Though it’s pretty easy to bear in mind that volume is on top as well as the fetish chat levels is included in the underside, this very very easy to dial unwanted one in a heated moment after which wonder the reasons why the action has never turned any quieter than prior to.

Beyond that, the links are very simple. The put ear canal container (which holds the charging you harbor; correct ear canal pot try beneficially bare in comparison) offers an electricity icon, a partnering key and an equalization icon, which enables you to alter among four processes. While making the put hearing container the well-designed focus belonging to the full appliance reasonable from a cost-saving point, it very packed from layout and aesthetic sides.


Turtle ocean holds your Stealth 600 makes use of engineering labeled as “ProSpecs” to create their hearing servings much easier on people who don spectacles. As a bespectacled specific, i could concur that the headset is actually uncommonly smooth to the ears, handling develop an effective aural secure without have ever demanding downward too much.

Initially, the wireless headset decided it may fall-off at any given time.

Every monitor I heard was wealthy, slight and filled up with lifetime. From detail by detail beat fender guitar products, to delicate vocal harmonies, to drum and bass beats that didn’t die away music, the Stealth 600 am basically — and interestingly — one of the recommended tunes experiences I’ve had https://p0.pxfuel.com/preview/590/885/194/people-bible-church-couple.jpg” alt=”dating apps”> with a gaming bluetooth headset.

Important Thing

The Turtle ocean Stealth 600 provides outstanding noise for both playing and musical, the key factor a games bluetooth headset have to do. But shouldn’t match perfectly, the layout feels also crowded and its particular difficult Computer screen makes improvements and repair a chore. When you can deal with a wired product, see the SteelSeries Arctis 5, which complies with your brain contour significantly better and looks is a great handset as well Or, in the event you require possessing an invisible wireless headset and do not attention retaining an eye out for revenue, an alternative way is the exceptional Logitech G533, which is often designed for significantly less than its $150 list price.

For one hundred dollars, you aren’t apt to obtain another name-brand wireless bluetooth headset, let-alone the one possess this type of superb appear. The particular and sound quality by yourself will probably be worth the retail price; or even, you may need to give up wireless features for some thing more at ease and versatile.

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