Undersecretaries Helper Secretaries Agency and Services Directors Regional Directors Schooling Department Superintendents Open Public Elementary and Additional Colleges Mind All The Others Involved

Undersecretaries Helper Secretaries Agency and Services Directors Regional Directors Schooling Department Superintendents Open Public Elementary and Additional Colleges Mind All The Others Involved

1. The team of studies (DepEd) fears the enclosed Pointers to the Transfer of students’ University documents, which confirms regular tasks and standards throughout the need, and launch of students’ Form 137 (lasting tape) and kind 138 (review credit) overall community universities country wide.

2. This plan aims to make sure the soft and successful requesting and publishing of students’ school reports without inconveniencing the students and moms and dads.

3. All DepEd purchases and other related issuances, rules, and arrangements, which you’ll find are irreconcilable with this rules, were hereby repealed, rescinded, or changed subsequently.


POINTERS REGARDING THE NEED AND EXCHANGE OF LEARNER’S SCHOOL INFORMATION (VERSION 137 https://besthookupwebsites.org/sugar-daddies-usa/ut/ & METHOD 138)

I. Reason

There have been two fundamental college files that visually show the learner’s member profile and academic and extra-curricular standings: Form 137, known as the fixed track record, which contains the learner’s page and famous academic report, and type 138 and the Report cards showing the academic abilities of a learner in a provided college spring. DepEd Order Number 8, s. 2015, the class examination rules, furnished the rules on the expertise to become included in techniques 137 and 138.

Kind 138 was circulated to Grades 1 to 10 students every grading stage while score 11 to 12 will get they every end term. Following the institution annum, kind 138 is definitely a required report for a learner enroll to a higher quality degree as it also implies the learner’s marketing reputation. However, school regulators request for the discharge of type 137 of score 1 to 12 students just who exchange to an alternative school or move from simple to supplementary.

In the absence of certain methodologies, the whole process of requesting and issuing of established university reports of students differs per school. This insurance policy shall decide the activities as used through the college in handling the learner’s college papers whenever students enroll, transfer institutes, and ask for relevant records other appropriate applications.

II. Reach for the Policy

Your Order is designed to start standard processes and standards in request also discharge of learners’ develop 137 (everlasting file) plus Form 138 (state Card) to all schools and Schools Division Offices (SDOs) nationwide.

III. Definition of Consideration

  1. Version 137 (long-term track record) – long-term university learner tape exhibiting the historical academic and co-curricular record belonging to the learner
  2. Version 138 (document credit) – file exhibiting the scholastic functionality of a student in a given faculty spring
  3. Obtaining University – the college asking for for that long-term data of a transferring learner
  4. Originating class – the institution publishing the lasting records of a transferring learner

IV. Insurance Policy Statement

The team hereby determines the conventional functions and methods in asking for and delivering of learner’s faculty information. This system sticks to the DepEd’s view, objective and primary standards and subscribes to the principles of:

a. 100 % free, premium basic knowledge;

b. openness and liability;

c. access and appropriate launch of learners’ class records; and

d. Security and confidentiality of students’ documents.

Pointers on Learner’s College Files

This coverage describes the typical methodologies inside the move of students’ school record. This insurance knowledge the steps in seeking the lasting school records (kind 137) for a competent send of papers without inconveniencing the mother and father and also the students.

To be sure the efficient launch and send of learners’ faculty record, this will probably be noticed:

a. The transport of records of students should made simple and rapid without encumbering the learners and mother. But this will maybe not jeopardize the privacy and safeguards of university lists.

b. getting universities shall lock in all long-lasting record (Form 137) of all of the incoming learners until the finish of primary grading stage. For transferred-in learners throughout the faculty year, transfer of papers shall be attached four weeks (30) through the first-day of college presence.

c. students and/or their particular moms and dads or guard are certainly not able to hand-carry the long-lasting Records (kind 137) into the receiving university.

d. In case of unavailability of type 137 thanks to situation beyond the controls, the Report on marketing promotions (University type 5) works extremely well as replacement, you’ll find on educational institutions department workplace (SDO).

elizabeth. The Learner records method (LIS) shall be put as system for the inquire and release of learner college registers; thus the exchange shall totally generally be relating to the acquiring and originating schools best.

The following operations is followed to facilitate the ask and launch process:

A. School-to-School Pass of Version 137

The bulk of transaction on move of learner’s faculty tape typically happen during enrolment period and as soon as the motion of training. To support the clean and rapid transport of documents, the flowchart below talks of the process of inquire and discharge of students’ Form 137between the obtaining university and coming university;

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